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Sims 2 Colonel's Bequest Video [02 Jan 2009|05:27pm]

A link to this was posted on the laurabow yahoo group.  I thought you all might enjoy it as well.

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Programs to capture DOS game pictures [07 Aug 2007|10:15am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I've been trying to make more Dagger of Amon Ra icons but have run into an conundrum with Windows XP which apparently does not allow one to do print screen to capture DOS video game footage.  I've tried downloading a few different programs that proclaim they might be able to do such thing, to no avail.

Any suggestions for programs that actually work?

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Laura Bow 2: Technical Issues [28 May 2006|12:30am]

[ mood | pensive ]

Well, tonight I got all excited and dug through and found my Kings Quest collection disks, of which I really only ever played LB. ;) Anyway, I'm having problems running it on XP Home. Every few seconds, it minimizes the game. I tried running through my DOS Box and D-Fend programs, but I can't control the mouse in it. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I'd like to recommend a game series to you all, as well. There are currently five of them out, known as the Ben Jordan, or Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator series. It reminds me of LB quite alot, and they're made in the same style as the old Sierra games. Very cool. Just finished the newest one this evening.

Okay, I'm done babbling.

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The Dagger of Amon Ra [21 Feb 2006|05:03pm]

I was feeling a little nostalgic over Christmas break (yeah, its taken me a while to get aroung to posting this) so I whipped out my old King's Quest Collection and Played "Dagger of Amon Ra," the only game in that pack that still worked. Unfortunatly, after playing it once or twice, it conked out on me and refused to start again. :(
So, since I didn't have the game to play, (but had a ton of free time on my hands) I decided to make a replica of that infamous Egyptian artifact. I've got a picture under the cut.

The Dagger of Amon RaCollapse )
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Laura Bow 2 digital soundtrack [11 Jun 2005|07:59pm]

[ mood | good ]

Just want you to know (if you don't) that digital soundtrack of Laura Bow 2: Dagger of Amon Ra is available at QuestStudios. :)
I just love Chris Braymen and this soundtrack.

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Sequel? [20 Apr 2004|07:44pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

We haven't had much action on the Laura Bow board lately, have we?

Therefore, I have decided to post a topic to discuss:

If a Laura Bow III was made, what would you like it to include? Would you bring back any characters from either of the previous games (if so, which?)?

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Favourite Murder Scene [18 Jan 2004|08:36pm]

Minor spoiler warning for those who have not completed Dagger of Amon Ra.

Following lovehastings's question on our favourite suspects, I thought I would pose a follow up question: Which murder scene in the Colenol's Bequest or Dagger of Amon Ra is your favourite?

My vote is on the fake-Carrington's death, getting thrown over a stuffed porcupine was pretty funny.
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Classic [18 Jan 2004|08:48pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

I was just playing The Dagger of Amon Ra for the umpteenth time today, when I stumbled across this community! Yay, more to fuel my obsession!

Ah, yes, such classic old-fashioned Sierra games. It's a shame they haven't made more.

Question for everyone: Which suspects would you say are your favorites from both/either game? I'm personally fond of Wolf & Olympia from DOAM, they both amuse me to no end.

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[11 Jan 2004|04:33am]

I can't believe there's a community out there of this game! How rad is this! I used to play this game when I was just a boy. My grandpa had it on his old 386. I'd play it for hours. Where can I buy it? Did they ever put it on CD rom? Oh man, if I could find it somewhere, I'd love to show it to my grandpa. This game is not only my favorite of all time, but it holds sentimental value as well. Cheers to who ever knows of this game... Fucking awesome.
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laura's hat in gabriel knight [31 Oct 2003|06:33pm]

in the attic in gabriel knight: sins of the father, there is a hat that resembles of laura's in dagger of amon ra. and when you look at it, it says its from the 1920s. i wonder if there are any gabriel knight references in d.a.o.r.?
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Laura Bow! [30 Oct 2003|01:07am]

[ mood | gleeful ]

oh my! i loved the colonel bequest so much! my neighbor had it and i'd spend the night just to play, well i guess it was fun to hang out with him too. its so hard to find these games now, i wish sierra would put a bunch of these games out for cheap, since there are so many that are hard to get to work on new operating systems and you have to go through all that cpu slow down junk too. when i played sierra games back in the day, i only had windows 3.0, and thus couldn't play QG4 when it came out, i tried to install it on my computer now, and just can't seem to get it to work now either :( anyway, i've always wanted to play DAAR. why can't there be more heroines like laura!? the time period and location for colonel's bequest was so great! i lived in new orleans for a little while, and really want to play the game again. okay, enough raving i guess. this is a great community though, its nice to see some other fans are out there.

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Icons, at long last [08 Oct 2003|03:12pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Click Here for Bequest and Dagger icons. Please give credit in keywords.

More icons to come once I get more screencaps.


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screen caps [29 Jul 2003|04:42pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm about half way through making a HUGE bunch of icons, but it would greatly help me out if you could get some good screen caps for me.


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sims [19 Jul 2003|07:41pm]

here are laura bow sims
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icons [08 Jul 2003|02:25pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I am sloooowly working on some laura bow icons to offer up to community members. I'll hopefully have enough to put up in a few weeks here.

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late night admittance of dorkdom [09 Jun 2003|02:26am]

just felt like finally admitting that yeah, I had a crush on mister Steve Dorian back in the day.
I know he was a computer game character, but damnit, he was cute.

There. I feel a little bit better now.
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[04 Apr 2003|06:42pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm so surprised I came across this community to begin with and that's why I had to join. :P

CB and DAAR were such great games, especially for a criminal justice geek like myself. Anyway, I hope they do in fact come out with a 3rd game.

Oh, and hi! :)

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Hi! [03 Mar 2003|02:24pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I actually just started playing The Dagger of Amon Ra (I haven't been able to get my hands on The Colonel's Bequest yet) and I really love Laura Bow.

I'm a big adventure gamer and I really enjoyed Roberta Williams' other efforts. I think the thing I like the best about Laura Bow is how *funny* it is. I've caught myself giggling a few times. I'm really enjoying this game.

I hope a few more people join this community, cause I'd love to hear others' comments!

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Welcome [03 Mar 2003|12:21am]

Hi and welcome to all. Figured there are some people out there interested in Laura Bow and her subsequent computer series. Here is a place that's a bit easier to find than some of the message boards out there in which we can discuss all that is Laura Bow.
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