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Laura Bow!

oh my! i loved the colonel bequest so much! my neighbor had it and i'd spend the night just to play, well i guess it was fun to hang out with him too. its so hard to find these games now, i wish sierra would put a bunch of these games out for cheap, since there are so many that are hard to get to work on new operating systems and you have to go through all that cpu slow down junk too. when i played sierra games back in the day, i only had windows 3.0, and thus couldn't play QG4 when it came out, i tried to install it on my computer now, and just can't seem to get it to work now either :( anyway, i've always wanted to play DAAR. why can't there be more heroines like laura!? the time period and location for colonel's bequest was so great! i lived in new orleans for a little while, and really want to play the game again. okay, enough raving i guess. this is a great community though, its nice to see some other fans are out there.
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