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laurabow's Journal

Laura Bow Community
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opheliasv is the founder and moderator of this community

Memorable Quotes

Don't touch me, I don't know where you've been
/cab driver (LB2)

Lady who owns this dress probably dead!
/low fat (LB2)

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1920s, adventure games, amen, amon ra, bayou, bayou islands, celie, clarence sparrow, colonel henri dijon, colonel's bequest, countess lavinia waldorf-carlton, cults, dagger of amon ra, daggers, dead bodies, detective ryan hanrahan o'riley, docks, dos games, dr. archibald carrington iii, dr. olympia myklos, dr. pippin carter, dr. ptahsheptut "tut" smith, dr. wilbur c. feels, egyptology, ernie leach, ethel prune, fifi, flappers, forgeries, gertrude "gertie" dijon, gloria swansong, henri le mort, hieroglyphics, jeeves, john bow, journalism, laura bow, lawrence "ziggy" ziegfeld, leyendecker museum, lillian prune, llamas, lo fat, mansions, misty acres, mummies, murder, murder mysteries, mysteries, new orleans, new york, pc games, ra, rameses najeer, redheads, roberta williams, rosetta stone, rudolph "rudy" dijon, secret passages, sierra, sierra classic games, sluethy women, steve dorian, stevedores, tulane university, vats, watney little, wolf heimlich, yvette delacroix